Barbara Gleespen The written word lives on in the mind. Be careful what you write.
The spoken word lives on in the heart. 
Be careful what you speak.
- BG -


Words Matter About Barbara Gleespen
Barbara Gleespen is a humanitarian, Christian author and speaker. She is an active member of the Compassionate Care Ministry at her church, established to assist grieving families immediately following the loss of a loved one. They provide comfort, counsel, and support at a time when it is needed the most. Barbara is a core member, coordinating the hand-made sympathy cards with the mailing team that sends out five cards to each family during the first year of their loss. She is also a member of BEDS Plus, a local community agency, that services the homeless by offering shelter, food, and a multitude of resources to help them get back on their feet. She is one of the many who provide nourishing meals to those who come to eat, use the computers available, or seek counseling from trained professionals. She is the mother of four children, Donna, Christine, Steve, and Brendan. She is a native of the Midwest and still resides in the home where she raised her children. She enjoys hiking mountain trails and sailing among the whales and other sea life along the Pacific coast. Barbara Gleespen is a prolific writer, who enjoys storytelling. In addition to her spiritual writing she enjoys writing in the romantic/mystery and poetry genres. She writes with a “down-to-earth”, easy to understand, layman’s style. That style is reflected in “In Our Image,” her own faith testimony and message.


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